Ghana’s social media was bereaved on Monday when the death of popular makeup artist, Alice Lamisi Awuni, was announced by friends. 

Lamisi, as she is popularly called, is the CEO of Lamisi Makeup Artistry, an award-winning company which is noted for its mastery in bridal makeup. She won the Best Bridal Makeup Artist award at the 2016 Ghana MakeUp Awards. 

The beautiful 30-year-old entrepreneur is reported to have died of cancer which she has been fighting for some time. Details of her death have not yet been made public. 

Her friends and clients on Facebook couldn’t resist expressing their sorrow by sharing the memorable moments they had with the “Bolga diva”. 

This is like a dream, life is scary now, eeeiii, eeii eeiii, people always told me there was a makeup artist from Bolga who looked liked me, n funny enough we shared same surname, so we met on a chat thread n i inboxed her n she was from where I come from, eeeiii, eeeii eeiii. Am cold Awuni Lamisi Alice, wat? Oh what ? I can’t even type Rest In Peace. But you know someone called my PA at the office to ask if I was ok, the person thought it was me since she had my surname and looked like me. Oh God have mercy on us

Yesterday I saw how a majority of Facebookers were mourning the loss of a young lady. It was sad to see and for her being in an industry I belong to, I saw many people mourn her loss. I didn’t remember nor was she a close friend.

Only for a friend to hit me up and say our friend is gone, I was shocked 😳 because I didn’t have much memory of our friendship.

Then she sent these screenshots to me. Confirming my assistance when she called on me. Lamisi, May our good lord keep you till we meet again.

I found comfort and peace within, knowing I had helped another without even remembering her. Our days are numbered and short, do good whiles you can. Tomorrow is never promised. I know she leaves this earth with a good memory of me.




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