Soorebia, A new King of Rap from the North?


I had the privilege to listen to #Primus ahead of its release date slated for 01/09/15, and the question that keeps running through my mind is that, Has Soorebia got what takes to be the King of the North?

Who is Soorebia?

The quickest response I had from a fan of Soorebia was “The Best”. But to you reading this, you may not be a fan or have never heard of him so I will spare some time and give you a brief profile of this ‘not-so popular’ Rap heavyweight.

Hails from the city that symbolizes art in Ghana – Bolgatanga, Soorebia is an indigenous rap artiste that spits in Frafra (yeah Frafra…). The best export since Okomfo Kwadee (though he never rapped in Frafra). His style of rap is wordplay with punch lines and occasional funny lines that resonates with aggression and can be likened to the Mr. Incredible himself or Kendrick Lamar. Talk of these two, a common feature Soorebia shares with them is “height” (if short rappers were born to be kings, then Soorebia is the not-yet popular king you should know).

Back to content, he started his rap career about a decade ago with a local based record label called 7ireBlaze Entertainment, there he popularized the jargon “Tumaneh” releasing several demos and mixtapes which enjoyed much airplay on local radio stations in and around Bolga. Getting better with time; his career went through an upward trajectory as he reinvented himself as a rapper that released rib cracking verses that only neighborhood boys could appreciate because of the local jargons, to a matured rapper that is loved and appreciated by all standards.

The road for Soorebia has not been without rocks, he failed to make it to the final list of MTN Hitmaker 2013 after winning the Upper East Region contest, and also his break away from label 7ireBlaze Entertainment. However, the period after these events witnessed Soorebia strive to perfection releasing club bangers and hot freestyles under his new movement #BBT (Bolga Boy Tins) with a very talented producer – Azkonna.

Soorebia can single-handedly take down an army of rappers. His artistic skills on the mic is something a budding rapper wouldn’t want to test him. A recent interview with him revealed that he is ready to take down any rapper who stands his way (“I know my tamale rappers would want to test, but they can do so at their own risk”).

About #Primus – latest single

Primus is composed of two free verses with a chorus from Ayilla (a former Vodafone icon contestant) laced on a banging beat from the very talented Azkonna. In this song, Soorebia boasts of his lyrical superiority, detailing how he killed the competition to emerge as the king of rap in his neighborhood and the region, and his plans to conquer the rap game. The melodious chrorus from Ayilla soothes non-rap lovers and takes you to a more powerful rap verse where the rapper shows his versatility by dropping few bars in kasem and alternating between his usual Frafra-English raps. Primus is a rap song that can rub shoulders with ones from titans in the Ghanaian rap game.


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