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Stop Using airtime for unnecessary fights- Edylee Gh Tells UW MUSIGA.

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The CEO of Zaafi Movement (ZM) and Eddy Fresh Images , Eddy Lee Gh, a musician and a business man in the upper west region sounded a word of caution or better still, an appeal to the executives of the upper west branch of the musicians union of ghana(MUSIGA) to stop using free airtime on radio for unnecessary fights, but rather use it to educate the public on the functions and importance of the union.

The “daa woor loor” (Drop that yam)hit maker who was on E-hub on GBC- Radio Upper West hosted by Ike to promote his latest single “Jingumo” ft Typanza used the opportunity to get his message across to the current executives of the Union.

According to Eddy Lee, who is a registered member ,MUSIGA U/W/R is been run like a bedroom affair with little or no information about its activities out there in the public domain. “We don’t have any fixed annual meetings, so you go and hear rumours and you don’t know where to even go and start questioning from” He stated.

He further added that the union entails a wide range of activities and undertakings on entertainment and should involve majority if not all the people involved in the sector, Broader consultations regarding music issues should be undertaken he said; “anything that concerns MUSIGA U/W/R concerns everybody in the entertainment field, for that matter, you can’t just sit at your tight corner and take decisions for everybody

Eddylee Gh concluded by appealing to the current executives of the union to stop using the free airtime they get on radio for unnecessary fights and creating tensions in the entertainment industry, He advised them to rather use such opportunities to educate the general public on the functions, duties and importance of MUSIGA UW. “Please, if you know you’re an executive of MUSIGA UW, wear your boots and lace it and start educating people on radio on the importance and reasons why they should take the union serious and stop using airtime for unnecessary fights” He stated.

To all music lovers and industry players, what’s your take this? You can leave your comments below or any of our social media handles,

Story: Samari Abdul-Rauf


  1. Comment: Eddy lee is not a registered member of Musiga Upper West Region.
    He should come out with evidence to his claim on the Executives of Musiga, Upper West Region using airtime unnecessarily fighting on radio and his membership or should apologize to the Executives of Musiga Upper West Region because all that he mentioned is nothing but false and deformation of character.

    We are expecting the apology within one week, by March 2,2020.
    If he failed to do so by the said date will face the full repercussions.

    Sungumo A-Aziz
    Musiga Upper West Region.


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