Stunner Nation finally smokes peace pipe with Radio Waa.


Management of Radio Waa x Stunner Nation

The Stunner Nation Crew led by Miniru Ibrahim know much as Mr.IB the programmes head of Radio Progress later this evening has smoked a peace pipe with Radio Waa.

The stunner nation boss, Stunner Gh in 2018 was seen in a video on Facebook registering his displeasure on “The Hotest Mic” programme organized by Radio Waa and in the process made Utterances that didn’t go well with the management of Radio Waa and according to him, he wasn’t consulted before he was put on the programme. This led to Radio Waa putting a stop to anything promotional about Stunner Nation’s CEO Stunner Gh.

All seemed to have been okay with this issue but a break of today saw a rise of the issue again as the management of Stunner Nation led by Miniru Ibrahim known as Mr.IB, together with Stunner Gh, his Street Manager, A.A.Samad, his P.A Harrimatu and some crew members walked into the premises of Radio Waa to meet their management.

The general manager of Radio Waa Abu Bipole addressing the issue in the gathering which saw in attendance all staff of Radio Waa, The whole Crew of Stunner nation, some industry players and some musicians like Medra Gh, after asking his staff wether the Apology was accepted individually, left the scene with his staff for the final decision to be taken and and later arrived and concluded the gathering with the great news of accepting the apology verbally and finally promised a fellow up with written acceptance letter to the apology as soon as Possble.

He added that it was a bold step taken by Stunner Gh after regretting his actions, He advised musicians to do well to build a strong relationship with the media to avoid issues that may lead to their downfall.

He assured Stunner Nation that Radio Waa would continue to support Stunner as used to and build a stronger relationship with him.

Miniru Ibrahim (Mr.IB) who led the stunner nation crew finally thanked the gathering advising stunner nation and all musicians and industry players present to treat the media and everyone they meet with care since nobody knows who would be of help one day.

The gathering ended with exchange of handshakes and hugs from both teams with a nice session of photo shoot in the premises of Radio Waa 92.1mhz.

Apology letter from Stunner Gh.

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