The paramount chief of the Talensi traditional area, Tong Raan KugbilSong Nanlebtang is saddened by the low development of the Upper East region. Citing poor roads and the difficult of the region to agree on a site for the airstrip to be constructed as examples of bad attitudes derailing the development of the region.

On the part of government, the paramount chief cried over the neglect by now and previous administrations to attend to the deplorable roads especially in the Bolgatanga municipal. He compared the roads to that of Tema in the Greater Accra region which is not a regional capital but has almost all the roads asphalted than Bolgatanga, which is a regional capital.

According to him, he had lived almost three decades in Tema but fortunately or unfortunately, all the roads are asphalted.

In everything that we are doing now, if you count us among other regions in terms of road,infrastructure we are almost last…..the Bolgatanga township roads which is our regional capital are nothing to write home about . For us to boast about the region there should be an accelerated approach to the road network in the Bolgatanga township …the Bolgatanga township road is not near Tema township road network which is not even a regional capital I always make this comparison because I’m always jealous … i have lived in Tema for over 30 years and i see the roads all asphalted”

He further indicated that , with his status on the counsil of state and with the support of the regional minister Tangoba Abayage, the will mount pressure on the roads minister to seek to tackle the Bolgatanga township roads.

He was speaking at the first ever regional townhall meeting in Bolgatanga Gnat Hall. In attendance were chiefs, ministers, heads of institutions.


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