The northern music industry has taken a nose-dive over these few years and likely to lose it relevance in the good books of the GH music industry.

Many are those in the entertainment industry who find delight in seeing southern based concerts flop here in the north all in the name of proving the prowess of our struggling-to-survive industry. You don’t prove your worth in this showbiz by weakening others, I agree in this competitive world of business, its necessary to prove your brand to investors but let’s not also forget that in the business world even competitors’ recommendations at some point justifies your brand. Why focus on how they use us when we can actually focus on how to use them on their own platforms.

We have come to be content with how far the industry has grown relying on the progress of just a few artists here at the expense of the growth of our industry. Not too far ago, Northern music industry was the talk of entertainment fanatics across and beyond the shores of the country, why? Not only because we sold out events successfully but proved that the region was prolific for showbiz. However, we busted this bubble through pride, greed and over proving ourselves to the south.

Several foreign shows/concerts in the past didn’t go well in our part of the country (NORTH). We seemed to have relaxed to the extent most of us celebrated the woeful results of these shows, little did we know that we were and still shooting ourselves in the foot. Most of the country’s best artist have recorded the poorest concerts in the northern region as a result of nothing but “it shouldn’t be successful without a specific individual/artist” syndrome. Why cripple the entertainment prospects of our industry for individual (brand) reasons? What then happend to the general interest of our industry?

I write this piece as a northern entertainment lover who is worried about the path we are carving and the precedence we are busily setting for ourselves. Muna as an investor wouldn’t recommend or host a show in Tamale, Samini is one artist I for one will not expect to recommend the north to a showbiz to host an event, Kakie wouldn’t just as Edem wouldn’t. Many other investors are indirectly scared off by this syndrome.

The failure of these people in our region has repercussions even on future generations
All these and many great acts wouldn’t come up here to invest on us for the fear running at a lost that will even be celebrated by that us, northern region is no more tipped for successful programs and people full of life. I don’t really want to draw inference to whether the South treats us thesame or not but am worried for where the industry is heading, we may see individual artist to be growing but a careful retrospection will tell us that the industry is limping.

Stoneboy is one best artist in Africa with an enviable recognition not only in Ghana but the world at large, he has all it takes to host his Bim concert anywhere in the country but he decided to host it here because he is one artist who still believes in the power of northern entertainment. The success of his show has the hidden tendency to reawaking the lost faith of our industry to investors. Why should we then sit aloof to see how this concert will plop (PULIMA), to prove what again because most of our best artist are billed on this concert. The north is not an island to say we can grow solely by ourselves, we need foreigners to speed up the pace of our growth. Foreign concerts sells the industry more than local concerts and equally will affect the image of the industry and reputation of all the billed artist on this program. If we cant promote the foureign shows the least we can do is sabotage for we shall be doing that our own perile.

Entertainment Pundit/Critic


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