The streets of Bolgatanga set ablaze again!!!!


Bismark sombilla has once again set the streets of Bolgatanga ablaze with is new banger titled ‘Sunsor’. The young lad once again has succeeded in telling the good people of the municipality and the world at large that this music business is really his terrain and the streets of Bolga is his birth right as he brings twi and hausa together with his mother tongue to produce a banger that no doubt will take over the air waves.

oh sorry just in case u still confused who Bismark Sombilla is,i am talking about the ‘bakanborke’ commander,the captain of the streets,if u still not on the same page with me then i’m talking about captain would most probably have gone straight ahead to download the joint without reading what i have written and my efforts would have been wasted,if i had told you from the top that B-WAYNE has a new joint.haha

i got you there right?anyways this is a banger B-wayne himself titled ‘sunsor’ meaning anger. Now how about you just go ahead and download this street fire and find out what exactly angered B-wayne aside the fact that ‘they wont understand'(bakanborke)


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