3 Things We Learnt From Tilakou’s Bars Of Legends Song

Tilakou - Bars Of legends ft Typanza

Ghanaian rapper and songwriter Tilakou has released his song dubbed Bars of Legends featuring Typanza.

Bars Of Legends is a single off Tilakou´s upcoming music album titled WON. Tilakou is a household name when it comes to churning out records and obsessed with clever witty rap phrases in the Upper East region of Ghana.

Tilakou, has invested his effort, time , money and energy in producing this reord and accordingly, here are three (3) things we have learnt from Tilakou´s first project of the year.

Flow and Fluency

Tilakou has always exhibited his flow prowess in all his songs, controlling his breathe and speed as well as accurate timing and hitting the right notes on any beat. Bars Of Legends is no exception.

Is Tilakou Still Worth It?

Most at times, artistes especially rappers are not able to keep up onto music ladder, allowing factors such as commercial failures, longevity and poor writing skills to derail their careers. This cannot be said of Tilakou. With over a decade in the music business, Tilakou has grown every year. Tilakou has astonishing punchlines, storytelling and rhyme skills. Tilakou is still worth it and must be given the respect and attention.

Tilakou Is Cashing In

Well, Tilakou has devices a way to make money on his records especially Bars Of Legends. At least per our calculations, Tilakou has earned about $100 dollars from the sales of his records prior to the release of the song.

Listen to Tilakou´s Bars Of Legends song

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