Digital Media platforms or stores in recent times have become an integral part of every musician’s career. If utilized properly, the dividends outweigh the stake. However, most artists in the African landmass are slowly grasping the intent of online musical outlets.

Soundcloud basically is an online audio distribution platform and music sharing website that enables its users to upload, promote, and share audio.

Most artists in the Upper East region are on this platform to promote their songs and grow the numbers.

We at sought to do some analytics about the Top artists who’ve had the most streams ever.

PS: All the songs uploaded by the artists were taking into consideration with their evaluated corresponding number of streams.

1: El Kay

He has fewer(7 songs) number of songs with over 14.7k streams of his songs.


With about 11 songs, he has an all-time stream of about 14.1k.


With a total of 19 songs uploaded, Soorebia chalked about 13.2k streams.


Very impressive with only 3 songs getting over 10.7k streams.

5.B Wayne

Just 4 songs uploaded with about 2.6k streams.


He also has impressive stats. Just six songs and over 1.7k streams.


Honestly, not good stats. With 31 songs and just over 700 streams.

8. Tilakou

Another artist with quite low streams with 29 songs uploaded. He has 608 streams


11 songs uploaded with 292 all time streams.


She has a total of 263 all-time streams.



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