Upper West Creative Arts Awards : Awardees Receive Prices.


The just ended Upper west creative arts awards has given out items to some selected categories as after the awards received plaques yesterday.

Many are the Schemes who awards only plaques, Upper West Creative after given out token of items to every winner of every category, presented items like Table top fridges, woofers, blenders, electrical irons among others to categories like DJ of the Year Media, personality of the year, fashion designer of the year, Discovery Artiste of the year ,Model of the Year,Sound Engineer of the year among others.

Speaking to the CEO Mubarik Dzang on Harmattangh.com,he said it’s to tell the difference between the Uweca scheme and other awarding schemes, “Most awarding schemes focus much on money, leading to the neglect of appreciating the efforts of the people, we don’t do that, we should let the people know their effort is seen and appreciated , you could realized that some of these items given are costly compared to some amount spent on votes on some categories” He Said.

Speaking to DJ galaxy who was given some items after a token on the awards night said the Upper west Creative Arts Awarding scheme has done well for appreciating the efforts of the entertainment and creative arts industry in the upper west region, he added that next year, he will maintain his position as the Best DJ and also file for other categories. “see all the categories, they are many but every awardee took home something and here we are receiving items again, I will Say the Scheme has done well and wish them well next year, Give me sooooortiiii……” he added.

Appiah Ernest Tara : Media Personality & Social Media Influencer.

DJ Galasxy: Best DJ of the Year

Reezy Bwoy : Discovery Artiste of the year

Ras K. Fashion: Fashion Designer of the Year.

Lillian Bongnia: Model of the year.


Sound Engineer of the year.

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