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Upper West Music Industry Is Full Of Hypocrites- Aztonish.

The CEO of “Legendary Music” (LM) Nana Kwadwo Kelvin Salia Danumbo known as Aztonish in the music scene has expressed his displeasure on how Wiyaala was neglected by bloggers, Radio Presenters and industry players after honouring the Damba Festival but Championing that of Samini Dagaati of which he describes as pure Hypocrisy.

Speaking to Aztonish by Harmattan media, he said it’s very sad and disheartening how bloggers, Radio Presenters, industry players and his fellow musicians hailed the presence of Samini than that of Wiyaala which he said should not be so since the region can boast of the two equally.

The ‘’Supper Story’’ hit maker explain how Wiyaala has been helpful to young and upcoming musicians like him and putting upper west music on the map , adding that a great musician Like Wiyaala who hails from the upper west region should not be rejected by his own people in that manner. ‘’ Wiyaala is the world’s super star like Samini Dagaati and should be given same attention as Samini coz they are the stars the region can boast of, so I don’t see why Samini should be the talk of town when the two came to honour same festival, why is everybody talking about Samini leaving Wiyaala out?’’ He Questioned.

The music industry in upper west keeps experiencing a lot of both positive and negative vibes as opinions from musicians and industry players keeps emerging every day.
Story: Ike


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