‘My friend, what is it that will make a young man lick his lips like this’.

This is the riddle an elderly man posed to his friend as they as they are seated on a bench whilst enjoying a pot of pito, and spots a young man in his 20s lick his lips sensually upon seeing the pito seller walks to the elderly men  to refill their calabashes with Pito. This is the opening scene of Village Sex, a musical video by Wiyaala.

Village sex video is an artistic motion picture that talks about the perception that a young lady have about sex.

‘they say, they say the thing the sweet oo/

they say they say the thing be nice oo‘.  ..

The video is beautifully pieced together with properly choreographed African traditional dance scenes and energetic artistic expressions in an African setting. The video was directed by Stanley Adjetey of Take2 films for Djimba World Records.


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