Wa: 7-year old Caroline Basingba shares serious mistakes in making money.


Young talented Caroline Basingba also known as Sister Caro has shared a piece of word on serious mistakes one makes before,during and after making money.

The beautiful intelligent and talented girl who hails from the Upper West Region of Ghana,a pupil of Little Moses Academy in Brema-West in Greater Kumasi Region shared this educative piece of word on a video YouTube video.

The children’s world is full of ideas and imagination. Shaping these thoughts and ideas in a manner that helps them learn and grow is important. Words have a great impact on their mind, especially at the tender age when he or she is still in the developing phase. it is amazing how this young beautiful and talented Sister Caro leaves a positive impact on the minds of Adults and molds their behavior especially towards the subject she spoke about which is money.

Watch below

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