Wa: Life Again Gives Teen Mothers in Charia Lives Again


Becoming a mother changes a woman’s life forever, what it also means is that you now have a child who depends on you for love and for a stable environment. Being a teenage mother is even more hard work others describes it as worse , as a lot of the time the young girls have not even grown up themselves. it’s based on this a non-Governmental organization Life Again on 4th July 2020 put smiles on the faces of teen mother in Wa –Charia (Wa Municipal in the Upper West Region of Ghana) to have life again.

LifeAgain is a Non-Governmental Organization that seeks to give hope, purpose and empowerment to vulnerable teenage mothers in Northern Ghana. The organization identifies teenage mothers from remote communities in Northern Ghana and provides them with mentoring, sex education & contraceptive use and financial support to either go back to school to attain a higher education or to learn a vocation. Their ultimate goal is to have teenage mothers acquire skills from which they can build careers from and become financially independent women. The organization is based in the Upper West


 To end child marriage by empowering teenage mothers to build careers and transition smoothly into adulthood.


To create a world in which teenage pregnancy is no hindrance to a girl’s empowerment

CEO of LifeAgain Presenting to A Teen Mother: Sewing Machine

Joel Yeng who was part of the Donation also the Project coordination filled this report:

The community Entry of Life Again , was indeed a great experience for the people of the Charia, the smiles on the faces of the populace and the Victims (Teen Mothers) was overwhelming,  since this was yet another chance given to them once more to prove to society what they were made of , indeed  the atmosphere was a very serene one for that matter, we had the presence of the assembly Member Hon.Azaanaang Theophilus Hillary, who graced the occasion with a very sound re-echo of the need for the girls to see the opportunity given to them By  LifeAgain and their ultimate ordeal to make it in life ,and so they was no room for any further mistakes to be made , hence he encouraged them to take the 3 year Apprenticeship training very serious,

More encouragement was made, as the CEO of Life Again Ghana, Mrs Saudatu Danladi Mohammed after quoting from ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Avonlea “Well, we all make mistakes, dear, so just put it behind you. We should regret our mistakes and learn from them, but never carry them forward into the future with us.” , admonish the girls to use the opportunity given them wisely as she promised them best of supervision by the life again team achieve their dreams.

A mentor also shared her story of how she went through a similar ordeal but with the support of family she was able to come her basic to university education and this served as an example for them to see that all hope was not lost.

Myself,Mr. Joel Yeng & Mr. Muzafry added their voices  to encourage these young girls to take very good care of the kids they have and to see them as a gift not a burden

The event was climax with joy in the hearts of everyone present as presentation of the sewing machine and weaving tools were made available by Life Again Ghana to these Teen Mothers for a life again.

Contact: Email:Lifeagaingh@gmail.com

Tel:0547740491 : Facebook: LifeAgain: Twitter :LifeAgain

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