We Need Pastors, Chief Imam & Priests:Fashion King Talks About the Industry.


Halid Abdul-Ganiu  Fashionking has said that before the entertainment and creative arts industry in upper west region grows and moves peacefully, it needs unity and love for one another which according to him can be gotten by involving the prayers of pastors,Chief Imam and traditional priests.

Speaking to Harmattangh.com, he said around the region, we can clearly see an attack of the enemy on the sphere of celebration (arts, entertainment). “The media and entertainment all around us display violence, false pleasures, selfishness, and lies to favor them, we have seen it all here, and every show, team or event that has always gotten a strong root to push the industry far ends in division and pure quarrels

He furthered that the issue of confusion which normally comes into play in entertainment is never ending, he recounted pass events and radio programmes hosted by renowned media personalities in the region that made waves but ended sadly because of hypocrisy, greed and selfishness.

Ike its either a musician against another or an industry player against the other, we all have not attain PHD yet we practice PHD (Pull him down),yet everyone is blaming the industry, others looking down upon the efforts of others, knowing the truth but spreading lies, retarding the same growth we preach every day, fakers all around, we need God now hence Prayesr from these leaders of the various religious groups will echo the prayer for God’s Intervention.He added.

Fashion King/King Flamzy is one of the pillars of upper west entertainment and creative arts industry and one of the players who revived the upper west music industry from 2015, he is the CEO of fashion house, fashion farms and fashion cuts, an executive of Mikar events, CEO of Kingship Music(Record Label). He has played many roles and has impacted in the lives of many musicians from the upper west region.

Do you agree the betterment of the upper west regions entertainment and creative arts industry lies in the hands of the leaders of the three religious group’s pastors, Imams or sheikhs, and priests, hence their involvement to pray seriously for the industry is the way forward?

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