Every woman wants to feel special around a gentleman especially if he’s her man. Every woman also wants to feel taken care of and be given special attention, especially from a “perfect” gentleman.However, how many men fit the ladies’ description of a gentleman in our society? For some women there could be a perfect gentleman, if he is God fearing, intelligent, caring, loving, and supportive, good looking, intelligent and the list goes on and on. Others are of the view that perfect gentlemen do not exist in our society.
This write up seeks to educate on the Ghanaian ladies’ perspective of who a gentleman. Research indicates that there are two types of gentlemen: The ‘surface’ and the ‘real’.
The surface gentleman has mastered all the signs of a real gentleman, he dresses in style, well and appropriately. He also says the right things at the right times, he may in your absence talk about you in a demeaning way and hurtful way. He proves to be selfish and insensitive to the needs of people.
The real gentleman on the other hand is one who hurts nobody either by words or by deeds. He does his best to make everyone feel at ease. He freely offers his helps towards removing difficulties from the path of others.
He is very considerate and carefully avoids controversial discussion. He never monopolizes conversation, always listens to the other side. He is never really offended at the follies of those he is talking with. He is tolerant and patient. He is simple, forcible, brief and decisive. And wait for this one! He is not fanatic in his religious beliefs.
On the ground, ladies interview for this piece inform us that, upon seeing a guy, the first thing they will look out for is the way they are dressed. In other words: appearance plays a vital role in being a gentleman. The ladies look out for appearance to the smallest detail of how that gentleman talks to ladies and how he keeps his finger nails. Are these relevant? You guess is as good as mine?
While some say there is nothing like a perfect gentleman, others we spoke to boasted of the men in their lives as gentlemen, who could pass for “perfect” gentlemen.
A section of ladies also made a preference that perfect gentlemen smell and look good and they exhibit intelligence in their speech. One particularly lady informed us that she is particular about the dental formation of any gentleman who makes advances at her.
Now, while that might be some preference for who a Ghanaian lady considers to be a perfect gentleman, I am positive that our Ghanaian guys will also have a preference for who can be described as a lady.
In as much as guys who read this might perhaps be offended, just relax and learn that the moral of this is for the guys to take their grooming more seriously.














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