Young men and ladies excited after a successful session of Artificial Intelligence at the Computech institute of futuristic technology (CiFT)

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Communication with funding from The World Bank, The National Artificial Intelligence Program is imparting vogue technological ideas into the minds of young women and men in the Upper East Region.

Although the Upper East region is less endowed with Natural resources, its people have evolved to colonise innovative crafts such as Basket and Smock weaving, pottery, leather works among others. Its growing youth populations are also diversifying their career opportunities thanks to higher education. However, just like other regions of Ghana, most youths are deficient in practical advanced Information Technology. But this would soon be a thing of the past thanks to the National Artificial Intelligence Program.

Female Participants of National Artificial Intelligence Training Program – Upper East Region

A Ghanaian Tech company with an office in Bolgatanga – Dansyn Ghana Limited is in partnership with Ghana Tech Lab to implement the Program for young men and women in the Upper East Region interested in artificial intelligence.

HarmattanGh spoke to Iddrisu Dada Danladi, a facilitator of the program and the director of Competech institute of Futuristic technology (CiFT), an institute where the training is held, who revealed that 20 people are currently participating in the program, made up of 11 men and 9 ladies. Participants are learning how to code with Python programming language and other artificial intelligence tools.

Iddrisu Dada Danladi – Program Facilitator & Director of Competech Institute of Futuristic Technology (CiFT)



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