Police Officer Shot Dead by armed robbers in Malshegu-Tamale

There was a rubbery incident last night at a filling station in Malshegu in the Sagnarigu Municipality last night at about 11pm. A female police officer was...

WhatsApp will sue businesses for abusing bulk messaging

Getting a barrage of bulk messages is one of the most annoying parts of modern messaging services, but now WhatsApp says it is taking additional measures to...

HarmattanGh finally releases 20 celebrated Female personalities.(UWR)

Celebrated Female Personalities from the Upper West Region of Ghana All over the world and especially Sub-Saharan Africa, women remain marginalized in almost all sects of the society except roles that society have defined for them. They remain underrepresented, unheard and less celebrated except for mother’s day. However, women’s contribution to society far exceeds what the society acknowledges and give credit for. In Northern Ghana, their situation is not different; from customary rights to rights of ownership, women are maligned and relegated to the kitchen and raising children. A situation that is slowly changing due to the hard work of Non-Governmental Organizations and other Religious bodies. .....see full list list on

The entire Ghana is not worth 25% of Wizkid’s net worth – Lady

The prolong comparison between Ghana and Nigeria possibly will never cease. From correlating roads, the one with better ”Jollof”, the best artist and many others.

John Dumelo paid for dozens to just go watch Cardi B

According to unconfirmed accounts, the American singer made over $2m for her visit to Ghana and Nigeria. Aside from the feuds, she was able...

Cardi B finally speaks after snubbing Ghanaian Celebrities.

Stop Using Viagra (Try This Tonight) Stop Using Viagra (Try This Tonight) Drink This Before Bed, Watch Your Body Fat Melt Like Crazy Drink This Before Bed, Watch Your Body Fat Melt Like Crazy "Legal Steroid" Turning Men Into Beasts Without Exercise Sponsored Links American rapper, Cardi B has addressed the displeasure of several Ghanaian stars who attended her Meet and Greet event at the Kempinski Hotel In Accra, On the full story here on

#YearOfKhebab: All you need to know about Pataapa’s new song ”Khebab”

Pataapa is arguably smudging into the craze at the moment to catapult into prominence. Earlier today, most female celebrities in Ghana were disgruntled about...